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Graduate of the Collège européen de naturopathie Daniel Kieffer, Paris, 2005, tof of the class


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An interview lasting one hour and thirty minutes makes it possible to determine the state of your vitality, to define your health priorities and to propose an individualised programme which you can begin to apply gradually. A follow-up makes it possible to adapt the recommendations in order to overcome any difficulties encountered.


This advice complements and never replaces that of a doctor.




Digestive Gingivitis Aphta Bad breath halitosis

Constipation Gastro-oesophageal reflux Chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases Diarrhea Hepatitis Irritable colon syndrome Gastro-enteritis Nausea Vomiting Ulcers Gastritis Hemorroïds Gall bladder disorders Coeliac illness Candidosis


Immunity Cancer Cold Respiratory allergy Food allergy Fever sores Bacterial and viral infections Chronic illnesses Auto-immune illnesses Mononucleosis EBV CMV herpes shingles Anemia Fever

Chronic fatigue syndrome+ Ear  Throat nose Sinusitis Otitis angines


Psychological Stress Bruxism Anxiety disorders  Mild depression Tobacco weaning


Sleep Sleep apnoea


Metabolism weight Gout Diabetes Obesity


Skin Acne Rosacea Mycosis Rash Burn Dry skin Dandruff Bed sores Psoriasis


Muscles and articulations Back ache lumbago Arthritis arthrosis Cramps Fibromyalgy Osteoporosis Chronic pain Sciatica


Circulation Arythmia High blood pressure Low blood pressure Circulatory problems Raynaud’s disease Oedema


Urinary infection  Cystitis Kidney stones Kidney failure


Women Pre-menstruel disorder syndrome Bartholin Cyst Ovarian cyst Polycystic ovarian syndrome Uterin fibroma Sterility Endometriosis Menopause Pregnancy

Sexual disorder


Men Prostatic disorders


Eye  Macula degeneration


Neuro  Headaches cephaly  Parkinson’s disease





Psychosomatic and Holistic


Nutrition and Dietary advice


Fatigue Vital energy


Biotherapies Essential oils Plants


Benefits of hydrotherapy


Respiratory therapies


Biological decoding Symbolism of illnesses Care-giving relations Body language Inner doctor

Naturopathy, a new way of caring for oneself


My approach is based on naturopathy, that is to say the Art and the Science of maintaining and recovering one’s health by simple and natural means. Once these techniques have been assimilated, you will be able to contact you « inner doctor ».



Naturopathy – for whom?


This approach makes it possible to treat people who suffer from acute illnesses as well as from chronic ones, from auto immune illnesses as well as the so-called « maladies de civilisation ». It can also help those who want to put their lives into better focus, i.e. a problem of weight, fatigue, slight depression, etc...




Naturopathy, what for?


Some background

Naturopathy is the offspring of traditional medical sources.


It is based not only on the teachings of ancient civilisations : Essenians, Greeks, the medicine practiced by the Chinese and Ayurvedic cultures, but also on the « remedies » of our ancestors which were the result of observation, their knowledge of nature and common sense.


Naturopathy has been the subject of many scientific studies and modern research techniques have made it possible to verify this knowledge, often empirical until the present time.


Naturopathy is the great synthesis of natural healing techniques.




The principles


In each one of us there exists a vital energy which must be stimulated, restored. This is the principle of self-healing.


Holism : Man is considered as a whole, as a physical, emotional, energetic, environmental entity


Causalism : We seek to uncover the cause of the cause, the deep origin of the visible disorder


Vitalism : Man is composed of matter, but also of energy. It is indispensible for the proper activity of our organs and must be able to flow harmoniously


Humorism : Various lacks and the overstressing responsible for the imbalances must be identified.


Hygienism : A good hygienic life style is at the basis of good health




Helping, accompanying, but how?


  • Through personalized nutritional advice.


  • Through personally adapted physical exercises leading to a new relationship to the body and its movement.


  • Through simple breathing techniques which facilitate digestion and falling asleep.


  • Through manual techniques (massages, nasal, auricular and plantar reflexology... ).


  • Through the use of plant buds, veritable concentrations of energy and active principles.


  • Through the use of essential oils, applied locally or on diffusion.


  • Through hydrotherapy : the salutary action of water in all its forms.


  • Through psychology and other psychoterapeutic techniques.


  • Through exploration which target the origins of illness, and research on body language, based on an extensive series of observations and questions highlighted by the ensemble of symptoms.






Iridology : the study of the iris

Psychomorphology : the form of the face, silhouette



Blood type or group





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